An Always Special King Crimson Show in Minneapolis

Posted on 2nd June, by ParkandShop

crimson exampleThe ebb and flow of King Crimson’s public activity dates back to 1969. With practically every new album and band reunion over the years, the member lineup changes. Perhaps that’s what allows this progressive rock band to evolve its sound so drastically over the years. Make no mistake, though: at any point along the way, the band has a compositional approach, collective sound, and talent that only King Crimson can pull off.

An impressively defining characteristic of the band is its embrace of improvisation and how they use it. Individual soloing is largely passed up in favor of a group effort. The musicians listen to each other and the collective sound to make creative contributions as the music is being played. This is a style they employ both in the studio and on stage.

Every show is a special event for Kind Crimson, and if you’re in the Twin Cities, you can experience it for yourself. They’ll be at the State Theatre on Monday, July 26 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $39.50 – $129.50. Note that this concert is phone-free: absolutely no filming, recording, or photography is allowed. You’ll have to rely on your memories to immortalize the show.

Cheap downtown parking is available very close to the venue at two Park and Shop ramps! They charge $6 to park after 4 pm Monday – Saturday and all day Sunday.