Art a Whirl’s not the only Art in Minneapolis in May

Posted on 28th April, by ParkandShop

Minneapolis is praised around the nation for its arts and culture, and a late weekend in May is one of the biggest draws for those who love it. Typically Art-a-Whirl, the three-day event filled with various art/artists as well as drinks and music, is the place to be the third weekend in May.

While you’re tooling around Northeast, though, consider popping over to 900 Hennepin for something that will touch your heart and soul. “Grace” Artist Panel, curated by the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery, is the perfect way to kick off your art-filled weekend.

According to the Hennepin Trust Theatre website:

“‘Grace’ tells the visual story of African American women wearing hats, often called church hats, which has cultural and spiritual significance in the African American community. The exhibit features paintings, photography and hats. Join us for an Artist Panel, moderated by Hawona Sullivan, gallery curator at U of M’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center.

“‘Grace’ is an exhibition of artworks by Christopher Deanes, Walter Griffin, Christopher E. Harrison, Sean G. Phillips and Melodee Strong. Hats are by milliner Angie Hall Sandifer.”