Black Keys Play Target Center

Posted on 25th August, by ParkandShop

Finally, the Black Keys have released another album and are back on tour. With Modest Mouse opening the show, it promises to be a legendary night at the Target Center.

The album has a lot of hype behind it; the Black Keys don’t appear to have lost any magic in the interim. According to Pitchfork:

“The duo’s new ‘Let’s Rock’ follows their last effort Turn Blue by five years, the longest gap of their career. As the band tells it, they burned out, though during their time off Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney both continued making music at their typically relentless clip, just not with each other. Carney produced records for Michelle Branch, Tobias Jesso Jr., Wild Belle, and others, while Auerbach helmed records by the Pretenders and Cage the Elephant and dropped a leisurely solo album.

For some bands, that time apart might have yielded an epiphany that reshaped their approach. But the Black Keys have never much valued change. They’re focused, workmanlike, and committed to what works. As a result, ‘Let’s Rock’ plays exactly like the record they might have rushed out right after Turn Blue.”

Tickets to the September 28 show in Minneapolis are $42.50 – $502. You can find parking for just $7 at the Park and Shop ramps, which are easily accessible from the Target Center through the skyway system.