Blue Man Group- State Theatre

Posted on 2nd January, by ParkandShop

The Blue Man Group Speechless tour comes to Minneapolis at the State Theatre on February 4th through February 9th.  Ticket prices start at $40.00

Blue Man Group is an American performance art company formed in 1987, known worldwide for its various stage productions which typically incorporate many different categories of music and art, both popular and obscure, in their performances.

Millions of people around the world have viewed the spectacle known as Blue Man Group.  While there are several types of shows that the company incorporates with different performance artists, there are some common characteristics of each performance:

Unusual Instrumentation:  Most of the instruments need precise coordination between the three performers.  The PVC pipes are a crowd favorite as well as the “bones”.  Pulsating drumming, with original music provides musical and visual entertainment.

Comedy:  Some of it quirky, some of it subtle, but all of it is humorously entertaining.

Speechless:  The Blue Man Group performers do not talk; they rely on creative music and physical gesturing to entertain.

Colorful Displays:  Bright lighting, strobe lights and other physical effects mark these performances.

The show promises a joyful experience to all with creative quirkiness, clever musical performances and surprising interactions with the audience.

If you plan on attending one of the Blue Man Group Performances at the State Theatre, consider using the Park and Shop ramps for your parking.  They are very close to the State Theatre, as well as being safe, convenient and inexpensive.