Canadian Comedy in Minneapolis: Letterkenny Live

Posted on 31st May, by ParkandShop

It’s hard to imagine you’d be researching this live performance if you’re unfamiliar with the actual show Letterkenny, Alan Sepinwall gives a descriptive breakdown of the show in Rolling Stones’ “‘Letterkenny’ Review: Wonderfully Weird Canadian Comedy Comes to Hulu:”

“The series has a lot of fun showing the intersection of this sleepy, isolated town and the allegedly more sophisticated world outside it. One early episode turns into a shameless The Social Network parody where the skids help the hicks build a website called Fartbook to catalog the many sounds they make when breaking wind; another has Wayne and Katy playing Shark Tank with an inheritance, as everyone else in town tries to apply other popular reality TV formats to Letterkenny. But like a lot of modern buddy comedies (including Broad City, which, like Letterkenny, began life as a web series), the show tends to be at its best when it just sits back and lets the characters riff off each other, like the guys and Katy arguing about how porn actresses say “yes yes yes,” or Dan and Daryl trying to one-up each other about their past drug use. (Daryl: ‘You ever hoovered schneef off a sleeping cow’s spine?’)”

The success of the show has driven a live tour around Canada, and it’s finally reaching the states. According to the Hennepin Theatre Trust website, “…the 90-minute comedy experience presented by Puppers Premium Lager, will feature never-before-seen sketches and video performed by the cast, as well as original stand-up sets from Wilson and Forward.”

If you want more Letterkenny, see the cast live at the Pantages Theatre Saturday, June 22. Tickets are $37.50 – $154, and there are two shows – 6:30 and 9:30 pm. Both run during Park and Shop ramps’ discounted rates, which is $6 after 4 pm (valid all day Sundays.)