Christopher Titus at the Pantages Theatre

Posted on 27th December, by ParkandShop

Christopher Titus is an American comedian and actor, who grew up in Newark California.  Christopher special brand of comedy shows us the humorous side of tragedy.   His humor is labeled as “hard funny”, his acts revolve around his dysfunctional family and shocking life experiences.   He has released 8 90 minute albums. He has also appeared in several Television shows and films, including “Special Unit”, which he wrote, directed and starred in.  “Special Unit” has won several film awards.

His humor is edgy and irreverent, and for many of us, very relatable.   For those of us who came from dysfunctional families,(didn’t we all?), his humor is therapeutic.   His latest show,  Stories I Shouldn’t Tell” will take you on a 90 minute ride that will leave you exhausted from laughter.

“Stories I Shouldn’t Tell” can be experienced at the Pantages Theatre on Saturday, January 25th at 8:00pm.  If you plan on seeing this performance, consider using the Park and Shop Ramps.  They are safe, convenient and inexpensive (check out the parking rates here).  Park and Shop is about 1 block east of the Pantages on 8th St.   LaSalle Court is one block south and 2 blocks east on the corner of LaSalle and 9th, and you can go from the LaSalle Ramp to the Pantages Theatre without going outside.