Family Fun at State Theatre with PJ Masks

Posted on 25th February, by ParkandShop

Translating a show from television to live stage is often no easy feat. When it’s a children’s show, there are even more questions about quality and value of the ticket. It’s hard to tell whether the live performance will engage your kids as much as a screen does. If your children of fans of PJ Masks, here is what a popular Mom blogger Mommy Poppins had to report (Review: PJ Masks Live Brings the Trio’s Heroics to the Stage:)

“I brought my 3-year-old and 6-year-old kids to the opening show in Connecticut, and both were equally entertained by this live-action rendition of their TV show. It’s packed with familiar and original music, acrobatics, and interaction. So activate your animal amulets, and put on those pajamas, because here comes our parent review of this cool new show.

As this was my 3-year-old’s first theatrical experience, I was slightly worried about keeping her attention. But there was no need for concern. PJ Masks Live literally kept her on the edge of her seat for about 50 of the 60 minutes of performance. The remaining 10 minutes she was dancing right along with the hundreds of children entranced by the interactive and highly catchy (I’ve been singing the songs for two days now…) musical performances.”

If your kids like the show, sounds like there’s a decent chance he or she will also like the live version. You can catch it at the State Theatre on March 19, 2019. Tickets are $39.00 to $59.00, and there’s also a Meet and Greet package available for $114. The Park and Shop ramps right by the venue only charge $6 for parking after 4 pm on the night of the show.