Farewell Madea; Bittersweet Last Tour

Posted on 3rd March, by ParkandShop

To call Tyler Perry’s journey to the creation of Madea and the success thereafter is an understatement. Few others have the special blend of determination, talent, caliber, and luck that describes Perry. While fans are thrilled to see him find success in dramatic roles films like Gone Girl and Vice, it is with heavy heart they say goodbye to their first love Madea.

Some may be surprised to learn that Madea was born by accident during Perry’s first performance of his Play “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” The Jenelle Riley article for Variety, “Tyler Perry on Saying Goodbye to Madea, Calling Colin Powell and Reading Reviews” explains the fateful moment:

“Perry recalls that night at the Regal Theater in Chicago. ‘It was an actress with a hit song on the radio, and she didn’t show up. I was playing Madea, who was only supposed to be on stage for two minutes, but I ended up incorporating the lines from the other character and being on stage for the whole time.’

“Perry felt so bad that he had been advertising the appearance of this actress that after the show he tried to apologize to the audience. ‘They were chanting: ‘We don’t care! We don’t care! We want Madea!’’ Perry laughs and adds, ‘To look at it from there to here, I really fell into it. This was meant to be.’”

Riley’s article provides a great back history and overview of Perry’s decision to bid Madea adieu. It’s worth the read here.

You can witness Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Farewell Play Tour at the Orpheum in downtown Minneapolis March 26 and 27. Tickets are $49.00 to $109.00 and include a package. You can find safe ramp parking for just $6 at the Park and Shop ramps a short walk from the venue.