Fresh and Funny – The New Standards in Minneapolis

Posted on 26th June, by ParkandShop

The-New-Standards-Web-449x198These three Minneapolis musicians come from other established Twin Cities bands. Chan Poling, on piano, founded The Suburbs. John Munson, on bass, was in Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic. Steve Roehm, vibes, was in Billygoat and Electropolis.

The friends originally got together to create an interesting jazz trio that went beyond the usual “old standards.” As described on their website:

“…they got together originally to play and sing their favorite songs – from every era, particularly post 1960’s pop music – in a stripped-down acoustic setting, making room for solos and arrangements with the freedom of jazz, and yet never fully abandoning the modest soul of pop and rock.”

Their holiday show is celebrated by critics every year:

“T[he] New Standards holiday show at the Fitzgerald Theater is richer, nuttier and undebatably more satisfying than Aunt Martha’s fruitcake. With an emphasis on the nuttier.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“What a terrific combo. Everything they do is a surprise.” –Greil Marcus

Your can see them in downtown Minneapolis Saturday, July 22 at the Dakota. Tickets are $30 – $40. Discounted parking is available at two Park and Shop ramps near the theatre. After 4 pm, the ramps only cost $6, and they are a short walk from the venue.