Glen Hansard Brings His Dynamic Talents to State Theatre

Posted on 19th August, by ParkandShop

Glen Hansard is touring his new album, This Wild Willing, and it’s described by Hennepin Theatre Trust as “a turning where he marries the sonic inventiveness of the best of his work in The Frames to the discipline he’s found as a lyricist in his solo career.”

The review in this article sums up the album:

“Disruptive, stressful, resolute, expressive, risky yet often achingly beautiful – this album shows Glen Hansard is still on the road, still doing the work. Fair play to him.”

It also covers the rest of the performance nicely if you’re wondering what to expect:

 “Anyone who has had the experience of watching Glen Hansard in concert or the pleasure of seeing him in conversation will know he has never been short of things to say – and, when it comes to songs, the man is a human jukebox…

“The squally, lurching I’ll Be You, Be Me is dense in atmosphere but light enough overall to get swept up in it. Don’t Settle begins with the kind of subtle piano frills that on previous Hansard records would have drifted to even more delicate conclusions, but here it gradually morphs into one of those ferocious, ecstatic songs that long-term fans of The Frames would be familiar with.

His vocals lead by example, too, rising from a veritable whisper to a scream as the song climaxes. By the third track, Fool’s Game – another dynamic excursion into and then out of a sonic maelstrom that brings to mind Sigur Rós at their most forceful …”

Get your tickets for $39 – $64 and see the show live at the State Theatre on Wednesday, September 4th.  Show starts at 7.