Is “The Play That Goes Wrong” Right for You?

Posted on 21st April, by ParkandShop

Rave reviews have been pouring in for The Play That Goes Wrong. People claim to never have laughed so hard in their lives. According to Ben Brantley, who write a New York Times review in 2017:

“….[It} is as close to a demolition derby as we are likely to see on Broadway. This knockabout farce out of London, where it has been running for more than two years and won the Olivier Award for best comedy, is devoted entirely to destroying itself before your eyes.”

Based on this description, you may start to suspect the kind of humor employed here, and therefore the reason that some people hate it as strongly as others love it. Brantley sets the stage like this:

“So take a long look at the uncurtained stage when you arrive. You will see a tacky, cheerful simulacrum of a classically creepy English manor drawing room. (Nigel Hook did the self-immolating set.)

Now try to envision the ways that this set, which ominously includes an upstairs and an elevator, might be violently dismembered by a cast of really bad, really clumsy actors. Whatever visions of chaos your imagination summons, the odds are that this show’s artfully hapless team will exceed them.”

As you can surely glean, the core of this comedy is slapstick. The humor doesn’t depend entirely upon it, but reading reviews, it’s definitely the make or break aspect of the play. So if you like slapstick, this is a play you’ll enjoy. If not, you may want to explore some of the other treasures hidden in downtown Minneapolis instead.

Show is at the Orpheum May 7-12. Tickets are $29 to $135. Find $6 parking at the Park and Shop ramps all day Sundays and after 4 pm the rest of the week.