Jazz up Your Life

Posted on 22nd August, by ParkandShop

DakotaJazzRestaurant_EXT_jpg_595x325_crop_upscale_q851The original Dakota in Bandana Square used to be exactly what a person thinks of when hearing “jazz club.” In 1985, it was a dimly-lit, smoky bar that featured a stage where the coolest cats in the world poured their hearts out through ivory keys and a stand-up bass. Through the windows were trees donning Christmas lights, nurturing an ambiance that simultaneously energized you to move and relaxed you to chill. The music was thick, the service was hip, and the whole experience was a self-serve for your soul.

When The Dakota ditched St. Paul to move to Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, it kept all the character and added some class. Now it’s pristine and modern, but it still offers a cozy privacy. Add to that top-notch cuisine that captures the spirit of New Orleans, and the original cocktails to match, and you’ve got one upscale place that doesn’t turn its nose up at anyone.

The talent is always incredible. They’ve featured everyone from local bands to artists as big as Prince. Every night is a genuine collection of people who love music so much they make it a special event. Yet it’s affordable enough to get a regular fix. They have happy hour from 4-6 pm Monday – Friday, and 11 pm – 1 am Friday & Saturday. That’s $5 wines, taps, and cocktail sippers.

Whether you splurge on dinner and the big name or just grab a drink to enjoy a small local performer, you experience something special at The Dakota Jazz Club. The Park and Shop ramps nearby only cost $6 to park on Sundays and after 4 the rest of the week. If you haven’t been, make some time to jazz up your life. It’s the greatest experience you never knew you needed.