Jim Gaffigan Finally Returns to Minneapolis!

Posted on 15th February, by ParkandShop

“Quality Time” isn’t just the name of Jim Gaffigan’s latest tour. It’s how you feel when you watch him perform, like you just spent some quality time together. Gaffigan is known for having material that appeals to very diverse audiences and fostering inside jokes based on old material. Die-hard fans of Gaffigan always hope for a nod to Hot Pockets, but regardless of whether it happens, they’re never left disappointed by what he brings to the stage.

In past years, Gaffigan has also been revered as someone who is genuinely nice in person. He built a reputation patiently waiting to greet all the fans lined up, happy to take a photo together. He’s as delightful as are his cameos you didn’t see coming, like on Super Troopers.

Gaffigan has earned three Grammy nominations, multi-platinum status, and is a best-selling author. If you’re looking for a fun comedy show worth your time and money, check him out March 7-9 at the State Theatre. There are options for adult-only shows, and the nearby Park and Shop ramps run a discounted $6 parking fee during all performances.