Kat Williams and Conspiracy Theory hit Minneapolis

Posted on 16th December, by ParkandShop

Fans who were left wondering where their beloved Kat Williams katt_williams_665x374_minneapolis_logo-f9f742a0cbdisappeared to in 2015 are rewarded for their wait with his 2016 Conspiracy Theory tour. He’s known to sell out shows, so if you’re hoping to see him in Minneapolis on New Year’s Eve, better get on the tickets before it’s too late.

Kat Williams is more than a comedian. He is a topic facilitator, a conversation engineer, if you will, tackling the current issues that need to be discussed. He approaches them with an articulately intelligent slant that leaves audiences carrying on the conversation long after the show has ended.

Williams is confident in this current tour. As explained on the ticketmaster website:

“In his first interview in a year, Williams describes the tour as a ‘collection of forbidden topics that we can’t seem to get answered.’ ‘Part of my guarantee in my ticket price is that [I’m] going to be talking about what we are talking about now,’ he adds. ‘This is the open discussion that we’ve had since 2003. This is what it’s about.’”

He will be at the Target Center on Saturday, December 31st. The show starts at 8, and tickets are $49 – $125. The best prices on downtown Minneapolis parking are at the Park and Shop ramps. All day Sundays and after 4 pm the rest of the week, parking is only $6. The ramps are connected to the venue via skyway.