Kick Up Monday with Louis Armstrong Night

Posted on 5th August, by ParkandShop

The Dakota Jazz Club is well known for featuring high-quality performers in a cozy but classy environment. The Dakota tends to every detail, including food the website describes in this way: “The Dakota proudly supports locally owned, sustainably operated farms. Our meat is all natural, no added hormones or antibiotics. We source our seafood from responsible and well-managed operators. Our coffee is organic certified, shade grown, and fair trade–purchased by the roaster from small-farmer cooperatives.”

Check out their menu here.

Outside of the upcoming Louis Armstrong night promising to be a great way to celebrate a Monday, the show is only $10-$15 to get in. While shows are very affordable, other featured performers typically cost a door fee around $30. The Dakota website promises “The only place in town to find a whole night of the music of Louis Armstrong! The Southside Aces Big Five plays King Oliver Louis. They play Hot Fives Louis. They play big band Louis. They play All Star Louis.”

You can easily make reservations for diner through the website. The show starts at 7 pm. Nearby parking is just $6 at the Park and Shop ramps.