Live From Here Broadcast at State Theatre!

Posted on 9th February, by ParkandShop

A Prairie Home Companion (PHC) was extremely popular, and fans loved when it made it’s way to a live stage in one of Minneapolis’ most well-known theatres. After Garrison Keillor left the show, it was put in the hands of Chris Thile, who has kept the spirit of PHC but elevated the talent for a new era under “Live From Here.”

As David Noel Edwards describes in his The Berkshire Edge online piece “REVIEW: ‘Live From Here’ broadcast at Tanglewood showcases Americana music:”

“The ‘Live from Here’ cast and crew have changed little since Thile took over: Music director Rich Dworsky, actor Tim Russell and sound-effects wizard Fred Newman are still on board, but a new member of the acting company has replaced Sue Scott. Of course, one does not simply walk onto the stage of the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, and replace Sue Scott, unless one happens to be Serena Brook. (She did have to pass an audition, though.) Brook is not only a skilled and talented actress, she also has a beautiful, well-controlled singing voice.”

When it comes to what’s different about Thile’s show compared to Keillor’s, Edwards explains, “The most conspicuous change Thile has brought to ‘Live from Here’ is to its overall level of musicianship, which has always been high (except for Keillor’s famously “homespun” style of vocalizing).”

If you’ve seen this show on the road before, you can expect to be immersed in the talents of the area. Edwards said,

“When “Live from Here” goes on the road, they like to recruit talent from the nearby community to appear on the show. On the 30th, Thile engaged (on three days’ notice) a local pianist by the name of Emanuel Ax, who performed one of his favorite encore numbers, Schubert’s Impromptu Op. 142 No. 2.”

Join the fun at the State Theatre on Saturday, March 2 at 4:45 pm. After 4 pm the nearby Park and Shop ramps only cost $6. (Discount valid all day on Sundays.)