Lyle Lovett Bring his Big Band Back to Minneapolis

Posted on 30th June, by ParkandShop

Review after review of Lyle Lovett’s performances rave of his talent, presence, humor, and perfection. Seems the man has mastered not only timing, but also numerous styles. Salt Lake Magazine’s reviewer Christie Marcy showed up to his 2017 tour expecting to hear an exact replica of the previous year’s performance. And she was ready to call him on it. She gleefully admits to being wrong and goes on to fawn over him and his large band in “Concert Review: Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at Red Butte:”

“Make no mistake, a Lyle Lovett show is flawless. Players exit and reenter the stage from built-in breaks seamlessly, as if the Labor Department was watching. And within the set, Lovett makes it a point to introduce each band member. And, yes, if we’re asking how Lovett is so good at bending genres and transcending labels, the same must be asked about His Large Band.

I’ve been guilty of giving a band a bad review for being too smooth—I value grit and realness in my performers, and when I don’t find that in a live act, I walk away disappointed. But this, it seems, is what really sets Lovett and crew apart. Yes, the show is a well-run machine. No, they don’t make mistakes (Last night they even took some fairly major sound issues in stride). But they are genuine in the execution and in their connection with the crowd (ask Kim in the front row if you don’t believe me).

And I guess that’s why, even when I thought I was going to see the same show I saw last year, I still lined up at the Red Butte gates. And, honestly, that’s also why I’m really not surprised they brought a brand new show. It seems that Mr. Lovett was made to be on stage—perhaps that’s the next ballad he should write.”

Eager to see this show for yourself? The tour arrives at the State Theatre Sunday, July 21st at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $56.50 to $89. Park for just $6 at the Park and Shop ramps near the venue. Discount applies al day Sundays, and is still available after 4pm the rest of the week.