Mark Knopfler Comes to Minneapolis

Posted on 11th August, by ParkandShop

Fans of Mark Knopfler couldn’t be more delighted that he’s released his ninth solo studio album and taking it on the road. They’d also agree that the best way to experience it is to listen to it in concert. Knopfler himself encourages it. As said on the Hennepin Theatre Trust Website:

“‘My songs are made to be performed live,’ notes Knopfler. ‘I love the whole process of writing them alone and then recording them with the band, but ultimately the best part is playing them to an audience live. I enjoy the whole circus, travelling from town to town and interacting with this group of players is a total pleasure. I’m really looking forward to it.’”

Wondering what to expect? This article broke down one of his recent shows well:

“The set drew from across the Knopfler catalogue, including “My Bacon Roll” and “Matchstick Man” from his latest outing, Down the Road Wherever, which is as much a collection of short stories as an album, each song taking us into a different world and revealing once again his reporter’s eye for detail. His trademark guitar sang out, always precise and tasteful, space between the notes, a myriad influences evident in his playing. Knopfler has talked about his interest in the way music travelled back and forth across the Atlantic and, as the Celtic notes testify, that interest runs deep. There’s blues and jazz, hints of folk and funk, but the canvas is essentially roots rock, thoughtful yet laid back and seemingly effortless – and never flashy. This guitar man doesn’t do histrionics.”

See the man in person Friday, August 30th at the Orpheum. Show starts at 8; tickets are $82 to $207.