Michael Che at Pantages

Posted on 9th June, by ParkandShop

With a long list of accolades for being a top comedian, Michael Che is perhaps best-known right now as the co-anchor of SNL’s Weekend Update. In case you didn’t know, Che is also one of the head writers of the show. You don’t get to a position like that without a trail of success behind you.

Before SNL, he did a similar news-themed role as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His comedy is an excellent fit for news satire, especially when it’s politically-themed. If you’ve never seen his standup, and you liked everything else you’ve seen him do, you’ll love what he does live on stage.

Dennis Perkins reviewed Che for the AV/TV Club in “In his thought-provoking special, Michael Che looks past the applause to what Matters:”

“At its best, Michael Che Matters, the comic’s first Netflix special, sees Che playing on his audience members’ expectations and keeping them guessing… In the special (which was filmed back in August), Che prefaces his admission that he likes Donald Trump with, ‘You’re not gonna like this.’ And his audience does not, a chorus of ragged booing greeting Che’s contention that Trump, while he should never be president, ‘is a real shitty guy, he’s hilarious, and he should be my best friend.’ The ensuing bit is hardly Trump-friendly (and Che doesn’t address his controversial SNL hosting appearance), but in his relaxed, prankish manner, Che pricks at his audience’s complacent anticipation and has fun both at its and Trump’s expense. It’s a form of comic authority that he marks as uniquely his.”

You can see Che perform live at the Pantages Theatre on Thursday, July 12. Show starts at 8; tickets are $40 to $49.50. Save on parking by using the Park and Shop ramps by the venue. They only cost $6 after 4 pm.