Middleditch and Schwartz at State Theatre

Posted on 19th May, by ParkandShop

It’s one thing to be a great comedian, but it’s an entirely higher lever of talent to be able to pull off great improv consistently. That’s what Middleditch and Schwartz have set off to do in their tour, and so far, they’re nailing it.

Patrick Rodgers provides n in-depth background on the performers’ history of improvisation in his Nashville Scene review “Middleditch and Schwartz on the Art of Long-Form Nonsense:”

“What most folks don’t know is that both actors are extraordinarily talented long-form improvisors who make frequent appearances on cult-hit podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, where Schwartz (also known to Bang! Bang! fans as Benny Schwa and The Elegant Mr. S.) is known for riffing at great length on juvenile topics and for making up meandering but nevertheless catchy nonsense songs. Middleditch, on the other hand, is known for crafting an array of characters with peculiar accents and maladies — like, for instance, jelly salesman Alan Buchanan, who suffers from something he calls “wet crotch syndrome.”

Chicago Sun Times reviewer Steve Heisler gives a little window into the kind of thing to expect from the show in “Thinking small pays off big at Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz improv show”:

“Though the crowd was spread across the main floor and far up into the nosebleed seats, the duo kicked off the show on an intimate and emotional note. The suggestion that would guide their improv took the form of a 15-minute conversation with a couple expecting a child in three weeks. Schwartz took the lead, expressing curiosity for the husband and wife’s feelings on becoming parents. The father worried he would not be a great role model and the mother expressed a desire to raise a child who was ‘not an ass—.’”

See them at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis Thursday, June 13 at 8 pm. The theatre suggests buying tickets in person at the box office to avoid extra fees. You can also save on parking by using the Park and Shop ramps nearby for just $6.