Minneapolis Comedy Festival Tips: Part 1

Posted on 14th June, by ParkandShop

Minneapolis is bringing big guns like Bob Newhart, Seth Myers, and George Lopez to the 3-day comedy festival at the end of June. Utilizing three major venues, it will pour people in along Hennepin Avenue to see shows at the Orpheum, State, or Pantages Theatres. With so much to do downtown, eventgoers would be wise to make a night of any show they’re seeing throughout the festival. Getting the full enjoyment out of a packed downtown Minneapolis can depend on some pre-planning. Here’s some helpful information to consider:


$$$ No worries option: If you really want to whoop it up, grab a room at a hotel. There are several near the venues, like Radisson Blu, and they cut out concerns like parking, driving, and even food and drink to the extent that they have their own restaurants and cocktail lounges. They do, however, add a significant cost to the evening. What’s peace of mind worth to you?

$$ Uber/Lyft: If you’re not already familiar with these services, get in the game. They make it safe and easy for you to enjoy alcohol and get home without risking lives. A couple things to note: 1. Drivers for both companies are usually only a minute or two away when you’re downtown, so be ready to leave when you order one. 2. You get three options for drivers. If you’re looking for the cheapest and only have 1-3 people, pick the one on the left. 3. Prices also fluctuate based on demand. Go after the crowd thins out. You can watch the prices change by starting the process of ordering an uber.

$ Park: If you don’t need a sober cab and you don’t mind fighting a little traffic, the right parking ramp will save you major headaches. A lot of them can cost you so much you may as well have Ubered. If you’re going to a Hennepin Theatre Trust venue, always try the Park and Shop ramps. They’re a close walk to all three, and they only cost $6 after 4 pm (or all day Sundays.) You can pay with cash, credit, or debit card.

In part two, we’ll cover a few things to know about how to best set yourself up for success.