Minneapolis Comedy Festival Tips: Part 2

Posted on 15th June, by ParkandShop

With all the comedians playing in downtown Minneapolis at the end of June, it’s likely the comedy festival will bring out some folks who aren’t as familiar with the area or how to navigate events within. In part one, we talked about considerations for travel and parking, and how to find the most economical options. Here we have a few more tips:


Travel: Congestion downtown is no joke. It’s set up to enter and exit pretty easily, but if people are leaving work or there are events, be prepared for everything to take extra time. This includes navigating the streets, parking, eating, ordering drinks…honestly you’ve won half the battle if you come with a mindset of great patience. But add an extra 30 minutes to whatever a normal trip to and through downtown would take you.

Eating: You can avoid traffic and surge pricing by planning to eat before or after a show. If it’s possible to make reservations, do so. If you don’t, it’s wise not to show up extremely hungry. You never know what the wait will be like, and being hangry will ruin the patience mojo you’re trying to jive on.

Arriving to the show: Getting to the venue about 30 minutes early should be enough time to get through the doors, use the restroom, grab drinks, and settle into your seats. But don’t worry. People always come in late, and the ushers are there to help you.


Getting in: The theatres are prepared for large crowds, but there are things you can do to move the process along. Always have your ID and tickets ready at the door, and be prepared to empty your pockets and open your purse. Once in, move away from the door as much as you can to help the people behind you.

Buying drinks: The bars at all three venues should accept both cash and cards. They all allow drinks at your seats. The drinks are, of course, pricier than other places, so it’s not a bad idea to hit up a bar on your way and reduce what you’d drink the show.

In part three we’ll discuss the restaurants and bars around the theatres to give you a better idea of where to head before or after the show.

If you’re going to drink, remember that Ubers cost less than DUIs. And Uber is also far less likely to ruin your life or someone else’s. If you don’t need an Uber, the Park and Shop ramps near all the venues only cost $6 on Sundays and after 4 pm the rest of the week.