Minneapolis Comedy Festival Tips: Part 3

Posted on 21st June, by ParkandShop

With the Minneapolis Comedy festival upon us, we wanted to share some tips about downtown Minneapolis for those who don’t often make the trip. We know the hassles and confusion that come with the city, and we don’t want it to deter anyone from enjoying a show or all the Minneapolis has to offer. In part one, we give considerations for transportation and parking. In part two, we talked about expectations for timing and the venues. Here we will talk a little about dining out.

If you’ve decided to take an Uber, arriving early or leaving late will help you avoid surge pricing. Now whether it’s worth paying for an unplanned meal, I don’t know. But a drink? Likely. So here’s what to keep in mind:

All of the theatres have at least one restaurant or bar right next to it. These will be the busiest. If you do want to eat, make a reservation. Don’t show up hungry and unprepared and then expect to make it to the show on time.

  • Mackenzie Pub – great, but small. Drinks, and not when you’re in a hurry.
  • Rock Bottom Brewery – packed, but big and the staff is used to pushing through high volume
  • The Capital Grill – expensive. Sit down. Make reservations.
  • Seven Steakhouse Sushi & Rooftop – don’t go here. Why would you go here? Overpriced, overrated, packed. Get a reservation if you have to go.
  • City Works – this place is pretty big and accommodating to many tastes. It might be tough to make dinner here and make a show at the Orpheum, but definitely good to check out after any show.

The Twins are away over the weekend, so that will help curb some of the weekend traffic. Just remember that rush hour at the end of Thursday and Friday will impact your ability to navigate the streets, so plan accordingly!

If you are driving, there are two Park and Shop ramps smack in the middle of all the theaters and restaurants. It only costs $6 to park there after 4 pm (discount applies all day on Sundays.)