Night Ranger Rocking for Benefit – Downtown Minneapolis

Posted on 11th January, by ParkandShop

What warms up a cold February weekend in Minnesota better than partying for a cause? Headlining the event with Night Ranger! Rock from the Heart was born of a bittersweet story that will tug on your heartstrings.

Local drummer Pete Johnson was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm after a routine physical detected a heart murmur. After given a positive prognosis because of the early detection and checkups every six months, two years later, Pete’s condition was elevated to severe. Pete needed an invasive surgery that created stress and fear for him and his wife Amy. Heart surgery is no small deal, and this is the same condition that took the life of John Ritter.

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“After the appointment was scheduled, the Johnsons learned one of their favorite drummers, Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger, also had heart surgery, and was taking six weeks off to recover. A few weeks later, the Johnsons saw that the band was playing in Fargo, so they drove up to see them.

‘Jack Blades announced from stage that Kelly had open heart surgery and was back rocking after 8 weeks,’ Amy Johnson said. ‘I cried. Those words, and seeing Kelly up there on stage 8 weeks post surgery gave me hope. We now had the ‘Kelly Keagy Barometer’ for recovery.’

During Pete’s recovery months, Night Ranger announced a December show in Minnesota, so Amy bought tickets and surprised Pete by adding the meet and greet package.

‘It was important to me to tell Kelly how much it helped us mentally and emotionally to see him up there after his surgery,’ Amy said. ‘It was an unforgettable experience for us to shake his hand and thank him in person for getting us though a tough time.’

Before Pete went in for surgery at the Minneapolis Heart Institute, the Johnsons decided once Pete recovered, they would find a way to help others by raising awareness of this silent killer. Because of the work the John Ritter Foundation has done, doctors are looking for the signs and sending patients in for testing. Now, it is the Johnsons turn to give back.

‘We love rock music, and music brings people together, so we decided a great way to raise money and awareness would be to hold a benefit concert,’ Amy Johnson said. ‘Because of the emotional connection we felt with Night Ranger, we knew they would be the ideal headliner, and Rock from the Heart was born.’”

Join the party and support the cause at the Pantages Theatre on Saturday, February 9th at 8 pm. Tickets are $52. Find $6 parking after 4 pm in the Park and Shop ramps near the venue and other events taking place for this cause. Additional event info here.