Orpheum Theatre Parking Downtown Minneapolis

Orpheum parking is just around the corner if you use Park and Shop Ramp or the LaSalle Court Ramp. Park and Shop is just 1 and 1/2 blocks north to 8th Street then 1/2 block east. The LaSalle Court Ramp is just 1 block east on 9th Street and 1/4 block north on LaSalle. You can take the skyway from LaSalle Court Ramp and need to walk less that 1/2 block outside to get to the Orpheum.

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Both ramps are clean, safe and secure as we have 24 hour security cameras, safety alarm buttons throughout the ramps and uniformed security guards on duty during the evening. You won’t find a less expensive and safer parking ramp any closer than Park and Shop or LaSalle Court Ramp.

The Orpheum Theatre plays host to a wide variety of entertainment programs including comic acts such as Steve Martin and Martin Short, Chris Rock, Jeff Foxworthy and Jim Jeffries.

The Orpheum also is a great venue for musicals such as Lion King, Technicolor Dreamcoat and Cabaret. Finally if music concerts are your thing then The Orpheum will host a variety of bands such as The Moody Blues.

Directions to Park n Shop
Directions to LaSalle Court Ramp
Park and Shop

Orpheum Theatre