Patton Oswalt at State Theatre

Posted on 23rd June, by ParkandShop

Fans of Patton Oswalt know that his television roles do no justice to his standup. Sure, he’s talented and funny enough to deliver gold in a scripted role, but it’s not enough. It’s not enough to see how he can tell a story. How he makes light of the truth. And how he can bare his soul so you feel like not only do you know him, you love this man.

After all, anyone who can tell the story of such a deeply tragic event and make his audience feel good is a true master. As written by Dennis Perkins in AV Club’s “In his new standup special, Patton Oswalt makes a triumphant return from Annihilation:”

“When Oswalt’s wife, true crime writer Michelle McNamara died unexpectedly in April 2016, the comic was left with a young daughter, a life unthinkably transformed, and a mind that he’d trained for decades to transform pain into comedy. Well, he did that. It’s tempting to call what Oswalt does in the second half of Annihilation cathartic, but his material about finding his wife dead, having to tell his young daughter, simmering in impotent rage at well-meaning platitudes, and coping with a mind already and famously prone to depression and despair, is more affecting because of how carefully honed and tended it is. Tying his opening political material to this meditation on encroaching madness in the face of horror works so well because of how Oswalt frames the chaos of Trump’s America as being right at home in a mind occasionally questioning whether he’s, in fact, the one who died. Speculating that perhaps his mind fled to an even worse reality, Oswalt says, ‘If I invented a hellscape, it would kind of look like this.’”

Patton Oswalt will be at the State Theatre on July 11th. Tickets are $39.50 to $65; show starts at 8. Find parking for just $6 blocks away at the Park and Shop ramps.