Plays Metallica By Four Cellos – This You Gotta See

Posted on 8th September, by ParkandShop

170917-Apocalyptica-HTT-Website-Image-280x204Yeah, you read that right. The hits of the most hardcore, respected metal band of all time are played live through what everyone knows is the most badass of all orchestra instruments. Really, the only way any band should even dare try to cover Metallica should be through giant instruments you cradle and use your entire upper body to play.

What this band does is simply amazing. You’re not getting the elevator music version of Metallica. You’re getting your $^!@ing mind blown by the way they’re able to emulate all the other instruments. You’re shouting at the speaker HOW CAN THERE ONLY BE FOUR OF YOU?!? You’re dropping to the floor, incapacitated and weeping because nothing has prepared you for an experience so beautiful.

Apocalyptica, the four-headed Finnish genius that dared bow heavy metal from cellos, is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their first album release, “Plays Metallica By Four Cellos.” If you want to experience this hardcore symphonic heavy string, you’ll see them play the Pantages Theatre on Sunday, September 17th at 8 pm. Tickets are $30 – $105; parking is only $6 at the park and Shop ramps all day on Sundays.