Refreshing Comedy Like No Other: wellRED Comedy Tour Minneapolis

Posted on 10th February, by ParkandShop

WellRed_Web-592x432Comedy doesn’t get any more unique or genuine than this. While the South has a reputation for it’s far right views and stereotypes of uneducated, unrefined, uber-religious loudmouths, these three prove that a person can fit can fit the description of a redneck and not only be intelligent, but a liberal (*jaws drop*.)

That doesn’t mean liberals are off the hook when it comes to mocking, though. In particular, these three make fun of the far left and the far right blatantly, honestly, and hilariously.

The most recognizable of the three comedians (Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, and Drew Morgan), is Crowder, or “Liberal Redneck.” You may remember his YouTube video shot on a southern porch, capturing his rant about “this transgender bathroom mess.”

All three leverage deeply southern characteristics to delight and surprise audiences with their liberal and witty dialogue – the three are bringing awareness to the stereotypes of their peers and quickly destroying them. Well, except the parts they can use to be funny.

Zach Freeman captured the spirit of one of their shows in his review for Chicago Tribune, “Trae Crowder and WellRED Comedy should be more than curiosities:”

“Clearly I’m a different type of redneck,” [Crowder] said at one point, highlighting the juxtaposition that has intrigued Northerners and excited like-minded Southerners: Here’s a man with a thick Southern twang fiercely espousing progressive ideas. But in interview after interview, he’s made it clear that he’s not unique.”

See for yourself at the Pantages Theatre Sat, Mar 17 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $35. Find $6 parking next to the venue at the Park and Shop ramps. Discount applies after 4 pm.