Roll out Carpet for Comedy Queen Ali Wong, Minneapolis!

Posted on 22nd February, by ParkandShop

The advent of platforms like Netflix and YouTube has been a double-edged sword for comedy lovers. On the one hand, things can get watered down or downright forced. An episode from season 17 of Family Guy pokes fun at Netflix with “Everybody gets a special,” and scrolling through the endless list of choices, one has to agree. Worse, all the actors who used to do standup and then quit for film or television careers have also resurfaced via Netflix standup specials, and …well… I quit trying to find a good one after disappointment number five.

On the other hand, when someone with real talent comes along, it takes less time to get the word out. You also have access to a backlog of specials, so if you’ve never heard of Jen Kirkman before, and you love her, your viewing pleasure doesn’t end after one special.

This is especially fortuitous for female comics, as it’s historically been much harder for them to break into the business and thrive. I don’t know how many Ali Wongs we may have missed along the way, but thank Netflix we can be here for this one.

This (or perhaps the) Ali Wong is face-hurting sides-aching funny. She’s got all the fearless and abrasive energy that commands attention on a stage, but threads a ribbon of softness throughout, which kind of makes you convince yourself that if you ever met, she would totally want to be your friend.

If you’re a fan, you need no convincing to attend this show. If you’re unfamiliar, buy tickets now and then catch up on Netflix. Ali Wong is a show stopper, and one of the most important comedians to come to Minneapolis (and a lot of amazing talents perform here.) The one downside? Ubering isn’t as easy because you’re discouraged from even bringing your phone into the building. There’s a strict no cell phone policy, and you’ll have to forfeit yours until you leave if you have it on you.

But that goes to show how good this show is going to be. See The Milk & Honey Tour at 7 or 9:30 at the State Theatre on Saturday, March 16th. Ticket prices are $45 – $69.50. Park for just $6 at the Park and Shop ramps close to the venue.