Seth Meyers Back in Minneapolis!

Posted on 26th May, by ParkandShop

There’s no question Seth Meyers is an incredibly talented man. His resume is bursting with variety, from writing to acting to hosting both TV and film. While his comedy flavor is pretty consistent, you do get a different sort of dose depending on the project. He’ll nail a punchline whether it’s situational, observational, conversational, or just a plain ‘ole one-liner.

If you’re wondering what kind of comedy to expect from his stand-up, it’s like the story-telling version of his stints hosting the ESPY Awards. If you’ve seen him appear as a guest on a talk show or get interviewed, you feel like you’re getting to know the real Seth Meyers. And that’s who shows up to the stage for stand-up when you see him perform. He paints a picture for the audience and pulls them into his life, whether it’s an experience he had or his innermost thoughts on what’s happening around him. Oh, and the man also does impressions. If you’ve never seen Seth Meyers do stand-up, you’re in for a very special treat.

To get that treat in Minneapolis, you need only get tickets to his show at the Pantages Theatre on Friday, June 28th. There is a 7 and 9:30 show. Both are 18+. The Pantages Theatre is very close to two parking ramps that offer $6 parking at the time of the show. The Park and Shop ramps offer the discount all day on Sundays and after 4 pm the rest of the week.