Should You Take Your Kids to Peppa Pig Live?

Posted on 10th November, by ParkandShop

Peppa Pig has captivated children around the world, often at the bewilderment of their parents. Peppa is a Brittish preschool animated television series that is extremely popular on YouTube and available in multiple languages.

As with most children’s shows, translating the beloved screen story into a live event is risky. This is especially true for animated shows like Peppa Pig. You have to wonder how they’ll do and if the kids will like it.

According to the reviews, they don’t do a great job, but the kids love it, anyway. A reviewer for The Guardian wrote in “Peppa Pig’s Surprise review – a squirting, snorting, exhausting show:”

“Peppa and her pals are large, cuddly-looking and faintly creepy puppets with floppy arms and moveable mouths. They stand on wheeled bases so the miked-up performers can push them, a little like vacuum cleaners, around a colourful set that is looking shabby around the edges. As they’re moved, the puppets bounce up and down like nodding dogs.”

However, the overwhelming majority of audience reviews state that their kids, particularly those around age 4, really loved the show.

It can be tough to find live entertainment suitable for preschool aged kids, so while this show doesn’t seem to be very entertaining for parents, your little ones will likely be delighted.

The Minneapolis Peppa Pig’s Surprise! Is on Tuesday, November 27 at 6:00 pm at the State Theatre. Tickets are $39.50 – $59.50 and there’s also a VIP package available through the State Theatre Box Office. Safe downtown Minneapolis parking is just $6 after 4 pm at the Park and Shop ramps a short walk from the venue.