Spend a Saturday Feeding Your Brain with Brian Cox

Posted on 28th April, by ParkandShop

If you have even the slightest bit of interest in having your mind blown, consider spending a Saturday night listening to Brian Cox live. His trusty sidekick is touring along with him, promising comic relief, but is really not needed to cut any dryness some people may expect from a science lecture. Rather it ups the entertainment and gives the audience a moment to catch up with what amazing information the professor has just unleashed.

You may wonder if you need be an avid fan of particle physics to enjoy. Or, if you consider yourself more advanced on the subject of cosmology, you may worry the information will be too elementary.

According to the reviews, neither is true.

“It would have been easy to have lost the plot at Arena Birmingham last night as the audience sat in stunned silence throughout, but as Robin Ince – the comedian who travels with Professor Cox to try and bring some normality back into the show, which is much appreciated for someone like me who was struggling to keep up – it was wonderful that 12,000 people had decided to spend their Saturday night in Birmingham listening to a science lecture rather than simply going out and getting drunk.” – James Driver-Fisher, Birmingham Entertainment

“The main dish is Cox’s primer on the big bang, the nature of the universe and the uniqueness (or otherwise) of humankind. I’d call it an idiot’s guide, but I’m one rung up from an idiot, and could follow barely half of it.

“But for the most part, concentration is required – and usually rewarded, not only with boggling facts about infinity and beyond, but with captivating images, as when Cox falls backwards into a black hole, the future of the universe accelerating before him as he hangs there, in stopped time, for aeons. By the end of an evening jogging along in his slipstream, you’ll be none the wiser whether homo sapiens is the universe’s greatest miracle, or infinitesimally insignificant and small. If the latter, Cox proves – and it’s a consolation to learn – that our imaginations can still be put through gigantic paces.” – Brian Logan, The Guardian

Come feed (or perhaps melt) your brain at Pantages Theatre Saturday, May 11 at 8 pm. $60 gets you information that will make you ponder life and give you outstanding party conversation for years to come. You can park for just $6 at any of the Park and Shop ramps by the venue.