State Theatre Parking Downtown Minneapolis

The State Theatre is very close to both the Park and Shop Ramp and our LaSalle Court Parking Ramp.   Park and Shop is about 1/2 blocks east of the Theatre on 8th St.   LaSalle Court is one statetheatremapblock east on the corner of LaSalle and 9th, and you can go from the LaSalle Ramp to the State Theatre without going outside.  Both Park and Shop and LaSalle Court are easy to get to and inexpensive.     Our parking ramps have 24 hour security with surveillance cameras and emergency alarm buttons throughout the ramp.  Both ramps have uniformed security guards patrolling during optimal times.

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The State Theatre is a great venue for a variety of entertainment.  It has played host to a number of comic acts including Joe Rogan, Sebastian Maniscalco and Weird Al Yankovic.  It also has featured some music acts like Jenny Lewis.

Directions to Park n Shop
Directions to LaSalle Court Ramp
Park and Shop