Stuff You Should Know Comes to Pantages in Minneapolis

Posted on 14th September, by ParkandShop

sysk_web-592x432Hosts of the award-winning and fascinating podcast/video series, “Stuff You Should Know” (SYSK) are taking their show on the road! The series is hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, two senior editors of HowStuffWorks, and consistently ranks in the Top 10 on iTunes. While Clark has hosted SYSK since the get-go, other editors cohosted in the early stage. Clark and Bryant met the day they both wore homemade jean jackets around the office with Van Halen logos drawn in marker on the back. The chemistry was obvious. Bryant’s role as a permanent co-host was cinched.

SYSK is the kind of show that makes you angry you didn’t think of it first. Not only is this a great idea, but also, how awesome is these guys’ jobs? They address the history, mechanics, and cultural impact of an array of topics, including: asteroid mining, Ouija boards, gender reassignment surgery, bioluminescence, what would happen if the earth stopped spinning, the game of horseshoes, and almost 700 other fascinating topics everyone wants to know about.

Of course, the show is only this great because of the chemistry between the two Van-Halen jean jacket-loving hosts. Seeing the two interact together, organically, without editing, is worth more than $25-$35, but that’s all the Pantages Theatre is charging for this uniquely entertaining experience. You can see them on Wednesday, September 27th at 8:00 pm. Only pay $6 for parking at the two Park and Shop ramps near the venue.