Target Center Parking Downtown Minneapolis

Park and Shop Parking Ramp is less than 2 blocks from the Target Center

Save money and get in and out faster!! You can’t beat our  event parking rates. With a 5 minute walk you literally can save 45 minutes of traffic delay trying to get out of the Target Center Parking Ramp. So the next time you go to a Timberwolves Game, a concert, a convention or the high school tournaments, be the smart one by experiencing no hassle and park4less.


We are located on the Skyway system

Park and Shop is attached to Macy’s (formerly Dayton Radisson Ramp)

Enter From 7th Street, 8th Street or Hennepin Avenue

Less than 2 blocks from Target Center

Less than 5 blocks from Target Field

No special event parking rate – same low prices all the time.

Directions to Park n Shop
Directions to LaSalle Court Ramp