The Mavericks are Back in Minneapolis

Posted on 17th September, by ParkandShop

Mavericks17_web-592x432“The world has too much strife, racial and social divides being fed 24/7; it’s non-stop. It turns normal, loving people into brainwashed zombies who can’t come together. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but I’d like to make a place where all people can come together.”
— Raul Malo

This is the kind of well from which The Mavericks pull their inspiration for music and approach to performing. They want to talk about the things we can all relate to, and they want to move us to get up and dance together. This band brings a beat that people can’t resist and a sound that shakes your bones.

Following the huge popularity of their critically acclaimed album Mono, The Mavericks have been touring to promote the release of  “Brand New Day,” the first independent studio release on their own record label Mono Mundo Recordings.

The Mavericks will be at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis on Friday, September 29th at 8 pm. Tickets are $53.50 to $63.50. The best place to park for the show will be the Park and Shop ramps. They only cost $6 after 4 pm Monday – Saturday (discount applies all day Sundays), and they are a short walk from the venue.