The Musical Magic of Roger McGuinn at Pantages

Posted on 2nd September, by ParkandShop

Roger-McGuinn-web-280x204Roger McGuinn played a major role in shaping music in the 1960s. He inadvertently invented the “jingle-jangle” tone on the guitar, which created ringing arpeggios based on banjo finger picking styles used in folk music. He also merged John Coltrane’s free jazz atonalities, which has sounds similar to that of a sitar. This was influential in psychedelic rock.

With luck and hard work, McGuinn worked his Rickenbacker guitar until he had a sound that, as he said in an interview with Iconic Guitar, let him:

“…Explore jazz and blues scales up and down the fretboard, and incorporate more hammer-ons and pull-offs into my solos. I also translated some of my banjo picking techniques to the 12-string. By combining a flat pick with metal finger picks on my middle and ring fingers, I discovered I could instantly switch from fast single-note runs to banjo rolls and get the best of both worlds.”

The sounds that McGuinn made famous with The Byrds is still the same magic he brings on stage today. While he’s strayed a little over the years in his musical style, folk is his mainstay. As described on the Hennepin Theater Trust website:

“He delivers the gift of an evening with a master that is as intimate as it is spellbinding. He guides his audience along a journey of story and song, populated by the “old friends” they expect to hear, as well as some new acquaintances from the folk music that Roger so passionately embraces.”

Enjoy this journey for yourself at the Pantages Theatre on Thursday, September 14th. Show starts at 8; tickets are $43-$113. Parking is only $6 at the Park and Shop ramps a couple blocks away.