What to Know About Dining at Capital Grille

Posted on 9th December, by ParkandShop

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 2.20.10 PMWhether you’re a frequent flyer of downtown upscale, or just want a special night out, Capital Grille is definitely going to be on your list of prospects. A glance at the menu is enough to make your mouth water, and the names of entrées alone are sure to impress your guests. What do you need to know to choose this place over other great restaurants?

Price. This should come as no shock to you if you’ve searched the online menu, but one of the biggest complaints from reviewers is the bill. Some diners say that the taste isn’t worth the price tag, but most rave about their dishes. So if you expect to drop about $100 a person, and you’re not regularly eating award-winning steak and seafood, you’ll find CG to be a worthy night out.

Attire. According to the few negative reviews of this restaurant, if you’re not dressed like you expected to be dropping money, you may feel ignored. Restaurants like this are proud of their reputation, and that does come with a promise to guests that the entire experience is consistent with high-end dining. Best to treat this as a rather formal occasion unless you’ve always wanted to have a Pretty Woman moment.

Service. Aside from one takeout order and those who were underdressed, the only complaint about service was that it was too good. Most people reported outstanding service, which is indicative of a truly quality establishment, especially when you’re paying more. Expect to be well taken care of.

Parking. Downtown parking can be tricky, and difficulties vary by season and events. If you’re spending a lot on dinner, it’s sort of a kick in the pants to cough up another $20 just to park if there’s an event and no street parking. Fortunately, CG is close to Park and Shop ramps.  Check out the parking rates here.