Your Chance to See Hannah Gadsby in Minneapolis

Posted on 19th May, by ParkandShop

After her huge success with her Netflix special “Nannette,” Hannah Gadsby is not actually quitting comedy but back on the road with Douglas. Though to be fair, Gadsby doesn’t exactly consider her show to be stand-up. She says herself in Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore’s New York Times interview: “I’m pretty sure there’s no name for what I’m doing on stage.”

Gadsby’s style is more of a raw conversation that’s funny and honest. She’s mastered the intellectually hilarous comeback , and she’s everything you want in your own conversational arsenal. This is captured perfectly in Jenny Valentish’s review on The Guardian, “Hannah Gadsby: Douglas review – comedian brings laughs but retains edge in Nanette follow-up:”

“Even so, tonight she takes aim at the social-media feedback she received from men who complained that Nanette was not comedy but a lecture…. “Nah, I’m not having that,’ she says. ‘I’ll give you a fucking lecture.’ Out comes the Powerpoint clicker and we’re presented with an art history lesson. Her entire body, she muses, is named after Rubens.”

Gadsby hails from Tasmania, so it’s quite a privilege to get to host her in Minneapolis. She’ll be performing Douglas June 12-14 at the Pantages Theatre. All shows are at 7:30, and tickets are $39.75 – $55.75. There’s a strict no cell phone policy for this show. Park nearby for just $6 at the Park and Shop ramps.